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10 tips to Basics


1. It Starts with a Smile There’s solid science behind a smile.

The physiology of smiling sends a positive message to the brain, releasing serotonin and healthy enzymes, which makes you feel better. That makes a smile the cheapest happiness drug you can get. So start smiling now, even if you don’t feel like it. First thing tomorrow, make your guest feel welcome with a warm, genuine smile. Follow it up with a greeting, shake your guests hand. You’ll see how it sets the stage for an exceptional experience – for both of you.

2. Mention Your Guest’s Name at Least Three Times

Our name is music to our ears. We all feel acknowledged when somebody remembers our name. It’s a simple thing but incredibly important. In the salon, calling your guest by name creates a comfortable and caring culture. Using your client’s name will make him or her feel special. People like doing business with people they like, and using their name is one way to get them to like you. Saying their name 3X during their visit is a way to help you remember it.

3. Compliment Your Guests

Who doesn’t love a compliment! Compliment your guests at any given opportunity. Say something positive. Complimenting or praising people makes them feel good and creates a positive experience.

4. Offer Your Client a Hairstyling Lesson

How many times have you heard someone say “You know, I love my hairdresser but once I leave the salon, I can never do my hair the way she did.” It’s the number one complaint of all clients. So, teach them how to style their hair at home. From blow-drying, to flat-wrapping, to using a finishing spray – your client should learn it all. Don’t forget they are your walking advertisement!

5. Add Value to Every Appointment

Add value to every customer’s experience, at every opportunity. We are one of a few professions licensed to touch people. Take advantage of that license. Do things like – during the consultation massage your client’s shoulders for 45 to 90 seconds; do a pre-shampoo scalp massage and treatment; teach the client how to do their hair; and offer a makeup touch-up. Look for ways to enhance the experience and add value beyond the service.

6. Guarantee Everything

Most people don’t complain, they just don’t come back. Don’t take chances with your business. Make sure your guest feels comfortable communicating with you and expressing exactly how he or she feels. Don’t lose a customer because you made them afraid to talk to you. And if they do call with a challenge or concern open up the conversation with a few questions and never be defensive, offer a solution.

7. Use the Right Words

The words you use paint a picture in your guests’ minds. Words contribute to enhancing your guest’s experience. Try using new words and replacing old words like: I can’t…I don’t…that’s not our policy. Tell your guests what you can do, not what you can’t. Your job is to make your clients happy. Speaking the right language is essential. It makes you more professional, and your customers will hold you in a higher esteem for it. You’ll gain a client faster with a YES rather than a NO.

8. Build Your Knowledge 

Market leaders make more money in their profession because they are the ones in the know.Knowledge is key. The more information you have, the better or more respectable you’ll be. Be knowledgeable about all services, styles, colors and techniques happening today.

9. Keep it Positive

Look for the good around you, not the bad. Focus on the right stuff, not the wrong stuff. Focus on respect, act on enjoyment, and you’ll see the good around you. Negative breeds negative~ Positive grows positive. Lead by example

10. Give 100%~ Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Give your best to your guests and teammates. Don’t just look at what you’re getting at work; look at what you are giving and becoming. Form the habits of success. Have faith in yourself, commit to giving and commit to excellence. Give 100% and you’ll be successful.

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